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Light Industrial Staffing in Nashville, TN

MJ Morgan Group is a dedicated staffing firm serving Nashville and the surrounding areas. We are committed to meeting the needs of businesses in the area, and matching skilled candidates with the jobs and work cultures that suit each individual best.

We are people-built, meaning we place the highest value on your time and needs. Through a diverse range of benefits for both you and your family, and a range of additional supplementary services, we are the go-to team for light industrial staffing and placement in Nashville and the surrounding communities.

Want to find out more, or looking for light industrial jobs “near me” in the Nashville area? Connect with MJ Morgan Group online, or call to speak with a dedicated staffing specialist now! 

What Are Light Industrial Jobs?

The vast majority of distribution or manufacturing jobs in Nashville are actually classified as “light industrial jobs.” These refer to jobs that do not utilize heavy machinery and instead rely more on manual labor from each individual. These jobs often focus on production, distribution, or manufacturing, and particularly for parts and partially assembled products.

Some common light industrial jobs in Nashville might include:

  • Line assembly
  • Food production
  • Forklift operator
  • Commercial vehicle driver
  • Quality control tester
  • Printing service
  • Skilled technicians—welder, fabricator, etc.

A large number of light industrial jobs are entry-level, providing a great place to kick off your career or find steady work. There are also quite a few jobs that may require prior experience or certain certification. Our dedicated staffing agency in Nashville will ensure you get placed in a position that meets your experience level and unique skill set!

What Makes a Good Candidate for Light Industrial Jobs in Nashville?

Though many light industrial jobs are entry-level, don’t get the idea that they are easy. Light industrial work can be rewarding and demanding in equal measure. If you possess any of the following aptitudes, you might find light industrial work in Nashville to be a good match:

  • Capability to handle physically demanding work: The majority of light industrial jobs require lifting, prolonged periods of standing, bending, and other physical activities.
  • Scheduling flexibility: Meeting quotas or scheduling changes may necessitate weekend work or overtime. Being prepared for this and willing is a great advantage as a candidate.
  • Precision and speed: A reasonable training period is always provided, but once you’re on the job in full, you’ll need to be able to complete tasks quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Seek Light Industrial Career Placement in Nashville with MJ Morgan Group

Review our list of job descriptions to find options that may suit your interests and capabilities. If you have found a job you’re interested in, we urge you to apply online to get started! Our dedicated job recruiters will check your resume and application, then connect with you once we’ve found a job that may match well.

Our interview process typically includes an initial interview, a pre-employment screening process, and then a second interview directly with the potential employer. If you get the job, congratulations! As a part of the MJ Morgan Group candidate pool, you have access to a range of awesome benefits, including:

  • Holiday pay
  • Direct deposit
  • Weekly pay
  • Career counseling
  • And much more

Find out more about light industrial jobs in Nashville by contacting us online at any time, or check our frequently asked questions if you need to know more. We look forward to helping you secure a career path that meets your needs!

FAQs About Light Industrial Jobs

What Is Light Industrial Work?

In short, light industrial work is manual labor. It includes jobs in product assembly and packaging, food production and preparation, and other small-scale, labor-intensive projects that don’t require the use of heavy machinery. In general, light industrial work is much smaller in scope and scale than heavy industrial operations. Most light industrial jobs entail the use of partially completed materials that are assembled to create finished products for consumer use.

Common light industries in the region include food production facilities, paper processing plants, textile production/distribution, household electronic production and repair, and more. These tasks require more physical labor than the use of machinery to perform.

What Is the Difference Between Light and Heavy Industry?

Light industrial work requires far less space, power, and use of raw materials than heavy industry. In general, light industry is less capital intensive than heavy industry. Most produce goods and services for direct use by the consumer. By contrast, heavy industrial applications are much larger and tend to be more polluting. These include oil production, chemical manufacturing, machinery repair, concrete production, electrical production, etc.

Why Are Light Industrial Facilities Located Near Residential Communities?

Because the scope and scale are lower than heavy industry, light industry can be located beside residential areas without any problem. In fact, most zoning codes allow for the installation of light industrial operations right beside residential neighborhoods.

Light industrial applications produce negligible air, sound, and light pollution, which means they won’t harm nearby residents’ health. Locating light industrial operations in office parks and other central locations makes it easier for employees to get to work and for customers to purchase the available product lines.

What Tasks Do Light Industrial Workers Perform?

Every job is different, but it is common to find the following tasks within light industrial job descriptions:

  • Joining metals/plastics/leather
  • Operating forklifts and other light machinery
  • Processing goods received
  • Processing goods for shipment
  • Warehousing and storage of raw materials or finished products
  • Monitoring quality and safety standards
  • Examining products for defects
  • Use of computer-aided drafting software
  • Testing finished products for quality
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