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Light Industrial Staffing in San Antonio, TX

Are you looking for an experienced staffing firm that can place you in light industrial positions in the San Antonio area? If so, we’re happy to say that you are in the right place. MJ Morgan Group is an experienced, people-driven staffing agency serving San Antonio and Bexar‎, ‎Medina‎, ‎and Comal counties.

As a successful recruiting and staffing agency, our primary focus has always been on providing our candidates with superior benefits and support, without sacrificing the personalization and friendliness of a smaller firm. We are the superior choice for light industrial staffing in San Antonio!

If you’re seeking light industrial jobs “near my location,” then reach out to MJ Morgan Group. You can connect any time online, or call a recruiting specialist now! 

What Are Light Industrial Jobs?

For such a heavily used term, “light industrial jobs” can often feel vague or ill-defined. These jobs are simply jobs related to manufacturing, distribution, production, or quality control that do not rely on heavy machinery or vehicles. It is common in light industrial work for workers to use partially fabricated items to make parts or components, such as line assembly jobs found in a manufacturing facility. Most potential jobs in the industrial sphere are actually light industrial jobs.

A few examples of light industrial jobs you may find in San Antonio will include:

  • Inventory clerk
  • Food production
  • Forklift operator
  • Commercial vehicle driver
  • Machine-assisted assembly
  • Quality control tester
  • Automated machine operator
  • Skilled technicians—welder, fabricator, etc.

Because many light industrial jobs offer entry-level placement and competitive pricing, they can make an excellent place to kick off your career, or a good start in order to grow and build on your skills. If you’re unsure if you qualify for light industrial work, don’t stress—at MJ Morgan Group, we make a point to help our candidates in finding ideal job placements.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Light Industrial Jobs in San Antonio?

When it comes to light industrial jobs, the rewards and potential opportunities are high, but so are the demands. It’s not easy work, but if you carry any of the skills we list below, it might be the right work for you:

  • Ability to perform very physical work: Light industrial jobs often require prolonged periods of standing, and might include lifting, bending, and long periods of focus.
  • Scheduling flexibility: Hitting quotas and filling orders may occasionally require weekend or overtime work.
  • Precision and speed: Accuracy and speed are the name of the game in light industrial work, and you need to be able to keep up once trained.

Consider Light Industrial Career Placement in San Antonio with MJ Morgan Group

The provided list of job descriptions will show you what is currently available. If a job piques your interest or looks like a good match for your needs, apply online to get the ball rolling. Our recruiters will pore over your resume in order to find relevant jobs that match your skills and needs, and then contact you when a good position comes up.

The typical process includes an initial interview with our recruiters, and then a pre-employment screening. If all goes well, we will set you up with a second interview with the employer. We hope you nail it! Once you’re a part of the MJ Morgan Group, we can provide you with plenty of excellent benefits, including:

  • Weekly pay periods
  • Direct deposit options
  • Holiday pay
  • Career counseling
  • And much more

Reach out to MJ Morgan Group online to find out more, or give us a call if you have further questions.

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