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Engineering Jobs in Northern Virginia

MJ Morgan Group specializes in providing staffing services for numerous industries in the professional and light industrial sectors. Our Engineering division aims to pair qualified engineers with job openings in DC, Maryland, and Virginia that can lead to a great career.

No matter your area of expertise or years of experience, MJ Morgan Group can help you find a job that matches your skillset. When you work with us, you can even get help deciding if an engineering job is right for you. Below, we break down the types of jobs available in this industry and what it takes to succeed.

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Types of Engineering Jobs

The professionals at our full-service recruiting firm have more than 30 years of combined experience filling engineering positions. No matter what specialty you’re looking for, we can help you find the right fit. Here are some of the engineering jobs we have experience filling:

Civil Engineer

A career in civil engineering focuses on designing and building roads, bridges, buildings, and waterways. The job focuses on ensuring environmental compliance and the structural integrity of structures that civilians use every day. Civil engineers are needed everywhere, but their expertise is especially vital in places where earthquakes and hurricanes occur.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is the study of motion, energy, and force. A professional in this sector seeks to develop mechanical solutions that meet the needs and wants of society. Duties include product design, research and development, manufacturing, and systems management.

Software Engineer

Software engineers are in charge of designing, testing, developing, and updating computer software for professional and personal use. Knowledge of mathematics, computer programming, and coding is necessary to be a software engineer.

Electrical Engineer

This job centers on power supply and generation. Electrical engineers design, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment. They may also handle wiring and lighting installation. Some of the most challenging tasks electrical engineers complete include developing lighting systems for high-rise buildings, designing remote-controlled cars, and building welding robots for manufacturing facilities.

Environmental Engineer

This profession involves using science and engineering to protect and improve the environment. Air, water, and soil quality are primary focuses. Environmental engineers seek solutions to wastewater management, water-borne diseases, and air pollution. They also strive to create new options for recycling, waste disposal, and hygiene. An understanding of environmental regulations is necessary for this career path.

Skills & Qualities Needed for Engineer Jobs

Engineering is one of the most exciting, fast-growing segments out there. The shortage of talented engineers today means that a large inventory of engineering jobs sit vacant. As a result, people with the right education, qualifications, and experience are in high demand, both here in the DC area and across the country.

While each specialty requires a unique set of skills, here are the qualities that engineers need to succeed:

  • Analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team
  • Comfortable giving and receiving feedback

Do your skills and interests match those on this list? If so, an engineering job could be right for you! Now all you need is the assistance of our recruiting firm to help you find a company in DC, VA, or MD that’s looking for your unique talents.

To find out more about the qualifications required to be an engineer, or to request a job placement in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region, please contact MJ Morgan Group today.

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