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Sales & Marketing Jobs

MJ Morgan Group strives to deliver exceptional employment solutions to clients throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas. To help us meet that goal, we help connect qualified employees with the businesses that need their services.

Marketing and sales jobs are plentiful in the greater Baltimore and Washington, DC areas. Here’s a closer look at what sales and marketing jobs are out there and what sales or marketing careers look like.

If you are interested in pursuing a sales career or gaining experience in digital marketing, MJ Morgan Group can get you started! Call 833-656-9675 to learn about available positions.

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Sales & Marketing Jobs in DC, MD & VA

Companies in DC, Maryland, and Virginia need skilled marketers to help them sell products and services. Sales and marketing jobs are professional service jobs that can range from selling products to something more complex, like marketing a company’s overall brand identity.

Because of the large number of businesses in the region, these jobs are prevalent, but you may need help to connect with an employer who is a good fit. That’s where MJ Morgan Group can help. We connect skilled salespeople and marketers with the companies that need them, so you can both achieve your goals.

Looking for a new job in marketing? MJ Morgan Group has offices in the DC and Northern Virginia areas as well as:

  • Nashville, TN
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Baltimore, MD

Types of Marketing & Sales Jobs

When most people think of sales jobs, they think of the salesperson at their car dealership or large appliance store. While these sales careers are an option, they are just one aspect of the sales and marketing career world. Some types of sales and marketing jobs you may not know about include:

  • Marketing analysts study current market conditions to identify potential sales of products or services. You help your organization understand what consumers want, who will buy them, and at what price.
  • Digital marketing professionals keep track of consumer trends and demands. They use their knowledge to initiate effective online marketing campaigns.
  • Account executives, aka account handlers, are a vital link between advertising agencies and their clients.
  • Sales managers are responsible for researching and developing marketing opportunities and then planning and implementing new sales strategies that further their company’s operational goals.
  • Director of sales positions involve developing and managing budgets, developing and implementing marketing plans, and handling new product or service introductions.
  • Sales engineers prepare and deliver technical presentations that explain their company’s products or services to customers.
  • Sales development representatives qualify leads at the top of the sales funnel. They research potential clients and identify those who should be handed off to the sales team.

These are just some examples of the types of jobs available in this career field.

Do you think you are a good fit for these types of positions? Do you have one of these positions that you want to fill with a talented, well-equipped professional?

Contact the MJ Morgan Group today to get started.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Sales & Marketing Jobs?

Sales and marketing careers can be highly rewarding, but you need certain characteristics to fit in well with this career path. Some of the characteristics that make someone a good candidate for marketing and sales jobs include:

  • Ability to work well with others
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good creativity
  • Ability to work with numbers and analytics

In addition, because many sales jobs are becoming digital, good IT skills help for many positions.

If you’re wondering whether you’re a good candidate for a sales career, contact MJ Morgan Group at 833-656-9675. Let us help you determine if this career path is a good fit.

We Can Help You Today!

Start Your Marketing & Sales Career Online with MJ Morgan Group

If you feel you have the skills for a good career in sales and are ready to start the search, MJ Morgan Group is the first place to start. We have a database of available positions you can browse to find one that’s a good fit for your needs. These jobs are located in the greater Baltimore area, including Washington, DC and Virginia.

After you submit an application to our team, we will review your qualifications and point you to appropriate jobs. We will then interview you in-house and perform pre-employment screenings so you’re well prepared before heading to the interview with the potential employer.

An exciting career in marketing and sales could be just around the corner. Apply online with MJ Morgan Group or call 833-656-9675 to learn more about our application process.

Frequently Asked Questions About DC, Maryland & Virginia Sales & Marketing Jobs

Why should I apply for a sales & marketing job through MJ Morgan Group?

No agency knows the DC, Maryland, and Virginia sales & marketing marketplace better than MJ Morgan Group’s specialists!

What happens once I apply online for a sales & marketing job?

After identifying one or more sales & marketing positions you’re interested in and qualify for, you should submit an online application. If your experience and qualifications match with one of our available marketing and sales positions, we’ll schedule an interview for you with one of our recruiters. Once you’ve passed our pre-employment screening process, we’ll then schedule interviews for you with one or more sales & marketing employers.

I applied online for a sales & marketing position. Why haven’t I heard back from someone at MJ Morgan Group?

If you believe you’re qualified for a sales & marketing position listed on our website, but a recruiter hasn’t contacted you yet, contact us online or call 833.656.9675.

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