MJ Morgan Group remains open during this time to assist essential businesses that need employees in Light Industrial, Food Production, Sanitation, Healthcare, and Customer Service industries. Our staff will continue to help those who have been affected by the virus and are looking for work. Click HERE to learn more

Client Services Designed to Take Your Business to the Next Level

A Personalized Approach to Hiring & Recruiting

MJ Morgan Group takes an individualized approach to filling even the most specialized jobs and positions, supporting key industries by connecting them with the skilled candidates they’re looking for.

Our over 30 years of combined experience makes us qualified to meet even the most unique hiring needs. Whether you are looking for a new CFO or a few engineers or you need to fill an unconventional cross-functional role, we have you covered. Our candidates are sourced from multiple localities, making it possible to fill your positions with the exact right person for the job. Temp roles or permanent placements: You can trust MJ Morgan Group with all your hiring needs.

MJ Morgan Group offers specialized recruiting services our competitors can’t match. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can meet all your staffing needs!

Top Talent You Can Depend On

MJ Morgan Group takes pride in providing our clients with professional recruitment services. We’re dedicated to finding you the right candidate for all your full-tie or contract engagements. Our services include:

Direct Hire

We draw from a large pool of candidates to help you fill direct hire positions. Applicants are pre-screened and interviewed by our recruiters to ensure they meet your specific requirements. From posting job descriptions to reviewing resumes, we take the busy work out of your hands so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Contract to Hire

Contract to hire is a great choice for companies looking to expand their team with the right people. You get to test candidates before committing to full-time employment to ensure they are the right cultural fit and bring value to your organization. We keep the candidate on our payroll until you decide to make a full-time offer.

Temporary Employment

There’s no reason to pay for a permanent position if you don’t need to fill it long-term. Temporary workers provide the extra help you need during special projects or busy seasons. Our temporary employment services deliver the flexibility you need to remain competitive without the significant financial investment that comes with full-time employees.

Long-Term Consultant

Our team members stay with MJ Morgan Group for a long time. That often means years of working with a consultant who thoroughly understands your business, its culture, and its needs. No jumping from consultant to consultant every time you need to make a new hire!

Payrolling Services

MJ Morgan Group’s payroll services give you the flexibility to place your new or existing employees on our payroll. We handle the back-office employee paperwork, and you get to concentrate on growing your business! Our outsourced payroll services cover everything from weekly preparation of paychecks to federal and state payroll tax deposits, making them a convenient way to ensure your business is meeting current obligations and requirements.

Recruiting Services

Is your company growing more quickly than you anticipated? Professional and light industrial recruiting services can help you keep up with increasing demands by handling the screening, recruiting, and hiring tasks for every level of your business, from manual laborers to the C-suite.

From direct hires to time-saving payroll services, MJ Morgan Group offers comprehensive hiring and recruiting services that free you to grow your business. Get in touch today to learn more about all the services we offer!

Our Locations/Areas We Serve

One of MJ Morgan’s greatest advantages is understanding local markets in ways larger, national firms do not. We work hard to build relationships with employers and candidates alike, making it easier to place the right person.

Our eight offices serve five metro areas: Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC; Harrisburg, PA; Nashville, TN; and San Antonio, TX.

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