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Food Production Jobs & Staffing Services in Manassas, VA

Are you currently seeking employment in the food production industry in Manassas? Finding a position in the food production industry can be challenging without the proper guidance. Luckily, MJ Morgan Group has the recruitment specialists available to help Manassas job-seekers get placed in desirable food production positions.

At MJ Morgan Group, our people-driven staffing agency proudly serves the Manassas region, helping candidates get successfully placed into the food production industry. We provide superior career counseling services, offering exceptional benefits and support while taking a personalized, friendly approach to your job placement needs. Contact our team to start speaking with a recruitment specialist today!

What Are Food Production Jobs?

Food production workers are individuals who work in facilities that serve food and are mainly responsible for preparing meals. Typically, food production employees will handle the following responsibilities in the workplace:

  • Receiving food items and materials
  • Storing food in the proper areas
  • Safely operating food processing equipment
  • Maintaining food supplies
  • Handling and mixing ingredients
  • Assessing overall food quality

Those working in the food production industry in Manassas will also need to ensure HIPPA, OSHA, and USDA guidelines are properly followed, along with necessary safety and sanitation protocols. MJ Morgan Group has successfully placed countless candidates in the food production industry, and you could be next! Contact our recruiting specialists to get started on your job search today.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Food Production Jobs in Manassas?

Employees in food production are most successful if they possess the following unique skill sets and qualities:

  • Basic cooking skills
  • Dexterity
  • Attention to detail
  • Exceptional time management
  • Teamwork/interpersonal skills
  • Prioritization and organization of tasks
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environment

Many food production jobs in Manassas require only a high school diploma and offer competitive pay with unique benefits. It is an excellent employment opportunity for those looking to kickstart their careers in the food industry as a whole. If you’re interested in becoming a food production worker in Manassas, contact MJ Morgan Group to start speaking to your recruitment specialist today.

Consider Food Production Job Placement with MJ Morgan Group!

At MJ Morgan Group, we are committed to helping job-seekers get placed in the food production jobs they desire. Working closely with each candidate, our recruitment specialists thoroughly review their skill set and resume to ensure they properly align with the desired food production position.

When you select our staffing agency, we’ll invite you to an initial interview with one of our recruiters. From there, we’ll perform a pre-employment screening, and if all goes well, we’ll schedule a second interview with your future employer. Every candidate placed through our staffing agency receives the following:

  • Weekly pay periods with direct deposit
  • Holiday pay
  • Career counseling
  • And much more

Your journey into the food production industry starts with MJ Morgan Group. Start talking to one of our recruitment specialists to kick-start your food production career today!


Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about food production jobs in Manassas, VA include:

Q: How do I get a job in the food industry?

A: Do your homework — really! If you study biology, chemistry, and physics in high school or college, it will help. Speaking an additional language — especially Spanish — is a big advantage in any job.

Free food production training is available because you want to be educated in food safety using Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) processes.

Q: What does a food production supervisor do?

A: When possible, food production companies promote from within. As you master the responsibilities of food production, you may want to consider a supervisory role.

Your duties may include:

  • Communicating effectively with employees/managers
  • Encouraging workers to seek personal and career growth
  • Enforcing company policies/guidelines
  • Following/creating cost-saving strategies
  • Keeping production running on time
  • Maintaining/submitting accurate records
  • Planning and evaluating employee performance
  • Recruiting/hiring/training employees
  • Resolving disputes/issues between employees
  • Scheduling shifts/work
  • Working with repair people

Skills needed include:

  • Ability to multitask
  • Basic machine knowledge
  • Comfortable in production warehouse/kitchen environment
  • Finance management/tracking
  • Food production processes knowledge
  • Good communication
  • Issue resolution
  • Planning/executing plans

Q: What is a food production job?

A: Food production workers are usually involved in food preparation or packaging.

A food production job can include:

  • Communicating effectively with co-workers/supervisors
  • Effective time management
  • Ensuring good food quality
  • Maintaining inventory/supplies
  • Mixing ingredients
  • Operating food processing equipment safely
  • Receiving/managing food ingredients
  • Storing food
  • Working well in teams

Q: What jobs are there in the food industry?

A: There are many opportunities available in the food production industry, including:

  • Baker/pastry chef
  • Banquet/catering worker/manager
  • Bartender/beverage manager
  • Busser
  • Chef
  • Chef/cook (fry/sauté, soup/sauce)
  • Cook (broiler/grill)
  • Counter/cash register worker
  • Dining room manager
  • Food production HR (human resources)
  • Healthcare food/beverage worker/director
  • Kitchen worker/manager
  • Server
  • Wine steward

In Prince William County, employers are most requesting food production workers with skills in:

  • Chopping/slicing/mincing
  • Cooking
  • Mixing
  • Packaging
  • Pasteurizing

In addition to food production, MJ Morgan Group serves several industries in this area. We need talent for:

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