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Customer Service Staffing in Nashville

The expert recruiters at MJ Morgan Group have over 30 years of experience connecting skilled candidates with high-quality customer service positions in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Our application and interview processes are simple, which increases your odds of finding a job that aligns with your career goals. We offer benefits and provide transportation services to and from job locations. Customer service jobs are usually fast-paced and complex, and they typically require you to work at a desk in a professional environment.

If a customer service career path interests you, contact us to begin our simple application and interview process today.

Available Customer Service Jobs

We have both entry-level and skilled, experienced positions available, including:

  • Accounting
    • Accountant
    • Accounts payable
    • Tax accountant
  • Finance
    • Financial analyst
    • Investment analyst
    • Financial manager
    • Corporate controller
  • IT
    • IT consultant
    • Network administrator
    • Data architect
    • Technical support specialist
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Marketing analyst
    • Digital marketing professional
    • Account executive
    • Sales manager
    • Director of sales
    • Sales engineer
    • Sales development representative
    • Account executives
  • Plus, many more!

What Makes a Good Candidate for Customer Service Jobs?

We are distinctly aware of the characteristics and qualifications that indicate the best candidates for customer service positions. To be successful in the customer service industry, you should be:

  • Personable – It is important to have the ability to successfully interact, one on one, with customers on a daily basis.
  • Computer proficient – Most customer service jobs require the ability to comfortably work on a computer.
  • Adaptable – The needs of customers and businesses change rapidly, and you must be flexible enough to change alongside them.
  • Detail-oriented – Mistakes can cost a business significant amounts of money. Your employer should feel confident that you can work efficiently and with few errors.
  • Reliable – Customer service positions involve a lot of trust. Employers rely on the employee to look out for the company’s interests while successfully completing interactions with customers.

Why Choose MJ Morgan Group for a Customer Service Job in Nashville, Tennessee?

MJ Morgan Group, founded in 2006, is a full-service recruiting firm that assists businesses in the Nashville area with sourcing the workforce they need to maximize productivity. The professionals at MJ Morgan Group have decades of experience delivering the most effective solutions to both companies and candidates. Our approach to staffing is adaptive, which means we can easily shift our approach to suit the changing needs of the business world. We understand that every company’s staffing needs are unique, so we offer a wide variety of services to choose from, including but not limited to:

Contact us to learn more about our application process or to get started on the path toward your new customer service career.

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