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Customer Service Jobs in Harrisburg, PA

Carrying over 20 years of experience in the field, the staffing specialists at MJ Morgan Group are your ideal choice for meeting recruitment goals or finding gainful employment in the Harrisburg area. We specialize in connecting skilled employees with great job opportunities in the customer service sphere, and we help professionals locate quality jobs quickly, comfortably, and with no stress.

MJ Morgan Group offers benefits to candidates, transportation assistance, quick application and interview processes, and job support. If you’re seeking a staffing agency in Harrisburg, look no further.

Are you an applicant with experience and interest in customer service positions in the Harrisburg area? Call 833-656-9675 today or begin your application process online now! 

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Available Customer Service Jobs in Harrisburg

Customer service jobs serve many applicants well, offering both entry-level and skilled positions. Whether you’re seeking growth or are looking to build a new skill set, here are some of the offerings we currently have available in the Harrisburg area:

  • Accounting
    • Accountant
    • Accounts payable
    • Tax accountant
  • Finance
    • Financial analyst
    • Investment analyst
    • Financial manager
    • Corporate controller
  • IT
    • IT consultant
    • Network administrator
    • Data architect
    • Technical support specialist
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Marketing analyst
    • Digital marketing professional
    • Account executive
    • Sales manager
    • Director of sales
    • Sales engineer
    • Sales development representative
    • Account executives

Many more opportunities and customer service positions are opening up all the time. Don’t see a job you’re interested in? Connect with our team today, or keep an eye on our list for further updates! 

Hiring & Recruiting Solutions Whether you’re broadening your career or searching for the perfect candidate, let MJ Morgan offer solutions catered to your unique needs. Get Started Today

Who Are the Best Candidates for Customer Service Jobs?

Customer service is a vast field, with many job types representing different types of work with a wide range of complexities. The best candidates for experienced or entry-level customer service jobs tend to be:

  • Computer and technology proficient: Many positions require moderate computer and telecommunication experience, though much of these skills can be taught on-site, depending on the position.
  • Detail-oriented: Organization and precision are key to being successful in customer service, as mistakes can often be disastrous for both you and your employer.
  • Highly motivated: Staying adaptable, personable, and reliable are integral to success in customer service positions.
  • Comfortable in fast-paced work environments: Many customer service positions could be considered fairly high-stress, and they’re quite fast-paced. These jobs are rewarding, but they’re ideal for workers who can work, think, and organize quickly.

Think customer service sounds like the ideal type of work for you? Contact our Harrisburg staffing agency now! 

Why Choose Us for Customer Service Jobs in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?

MJ Morgan Group’s motto is “People Built. People Strong.” This comes from our passionate mission of connecting great candidates with stellar job opportunities and from striving to meet the needs of our clients and pool of talented workers. We have been serving the needs of businesses and job seekers since 2006, and we put forth all of our considerable resources and skills to ensure your needs are met.

Whether you’re a business seeking a dedicated and adaptable staffing agency in Harrisburg, or you’re a prospective employee trying to connect with the best customer service positions in the Dauphin County area, MJ Morgan Group is the right choice for you.

For staffing services in Harrisburg, call MJ Morgan Group now, or begin working with our team now by connecting online!

FAQs About Customer Service Jobs

Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about customer service jobs in Harrisburg and Dauphin County, PA are:

Do customer service jobs pay well?

Nationally, the median wage for customer service positions is $17.23/hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, your wages depend on the type of career you choose and where you live.

Here’s the full spectrum of customer service professionals’ earnings from the BLS:

  • 90th percentile – $57,830
  • 75th percentile – $45,400
  • 50th percentile – $35,830
  • 25th percentile – $28,760
  • 10th percentile – $24,120

What are some important qualities of customer service representatives (CSRs)?

Successful customer service representatives have the traits employers are seeking! Some of these include:

  • Communication skills: CSRs must clearly communicate in writing, by phone, and in person.
  • Computer skills: CSRs must be good at using computers.
  • Customer-service skills: CSRs answer questions professionally, with a good attitude. They are eager to solve customers’ problems. This creates customer loyalty toward your company and you!
  • Positive attitude: CSRs should be able to interact positively with customers.
  • Listening skills: CSRs must listen carefully to understand customers; that’s how we help them.
  • Patience: CSRs should be patient and polite, especially when interacting with dissatisfied customers.
  • Problem-solving skills: CSRs find solutions to customers’ problems. This helps your company by creating customer loyalty.

What are the best customer service jobs?

Customer service professionals can find jobs in every industry. The “best” CSR jobs are the ones in which you are satisfied with your career choice, happy with your pay, and motivated to advance within your company.

When you are knowledgeable about your company and its services, you become a valuable employee! You’ll see salary increases and career opportunities for advancement.

What jobs qualify as customer service?

There are many customer service jobs, and they are defined by the business you represent.

CSR titles can include:

  • Account coordinator/representative/specialist
  • Account management coordinator
  • Bank teller
  • Bilingual CSR
  • Business service representative
  • Call center customer support
  • Cashier
  • Computer CSR/support
  • Contact center help desk/representative
  • Customer care operator/representative
  • Customer interaction/relationship specialist or liaison
  • Customer service agent/associate/representative/ambassador
  • Customer service technician
  • Custodial CSR
  • Guest services
    • Bellman
    • Client relations associate
    • Concierge
    • Front desk associate/manager
    • Guest service agent
    • Host/hostess/server
  • Field/technical support engineer
  • Health/wellness CSR
  • Help desk support/technician
  • Paralegal
  • Receptionist
  • Retail sales associate
  • Technical support
  • Telephone support specialist

MJ Morgan Group serves several industries in the Harrisburg area. We need local talent for:

 Contact us today to learn more. We’re looking forward to working for you!

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