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Customer Service Staffing

The specialized recruiting team at MJ Morgan Group has over 30 years of experience matching qualified applicants with the right position in the customer service industry. Our application and interview process are simple, which increases your likelihood of finding a position that matches your career goals. Benefits are available, and we provide transportation services to and from jobsites. Customer service jobs are fast-paced and complex, and they typically involve working at a desk in an office environment.

If professional customer service sounds like the right industry for you, contact us to start the application process today.

Available Customer Service Jobs

Available positions range from entry-level to more specialized roles that require years of previous experience and include jobs in:

  • Accounting
    • Accountant
    • Accounts payable specialist
    • Tax accountant
  • Finance
    • Financial analyst
    • Investment analyst
    • Financial manager
    • Corporate controller
  • IT
    • IT consultant
    • Network administrator
    • Data architect
    • Technical support specialist
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Marketing analyst
    • Digital marketing professional
    • Account executive
    • Sales manager
    • Director of sales
    • Sales engineer
    • Sales development representative
    • Account executives
  • Plus, many more!

Customer Service Job Titles

There are countless positions in almost every industry that qualify as customer service jobs. Some of the most common include:

  • Call center agents who work remotely from home or inside a call center. Typical responsibilities include answering customer and client phone and email queries, making appointments, and handling other customer issues. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills are required for these positions.
  • Client services coordinators handle tasks like setting up and coordinating services, order processing, tracking installations and deliveries, and resolving customer issues. The ability to multitask and good communication skills are generally required.
  • Patient care coordinators work for different medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, and insurance companies. Job duties may include scheduling patient appointments, arranging services and procedures, and dealing with insurers. These positions often require familiarity with medical terminology.
  • Customer service rep is a catch-all title that changes according to industry and organization. While the use of automation is increasing for many customer service tasks, the human factor is still vital to providing exceptional customer service.
  • Social media customer service reps handle customer questions and complaints on an organization’s different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Skills required are similar to call center agents, but duties are confined to social media.
  • Technical support representative is an in-demand job that often requires certification or training in product-specific software, hardware, or applications. It’s a terrific position for those who like working with people and solving problems.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Customer Service Jobs?

We work with some of the best local employers, which makes us uniquely familiar with the characteristics and qualifications present in the best candidates for customer service positions. Most successful customer services employees have these traits:

  • People skills – The ability to successfully interact, one on one, with customers on a daily basis.
  • Computer proficiency – Most customer service jobs require the ability to comfortably work on a computer.
  • Adaptability – The needs of customers and the industry in which you work change rapidly, and you must be flexible enough to change alongside them.
  • Attention to details – Mistakes can cost a business significant amounts of money. Your employer should feel confident that you can work efficiently and with few errors.
  • Reliability – Customer service positions involve trusting the employee to look out for the company’s interest while successfully completing interactions with customers.

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Why Choose MJ Morgan Group?

MJ Morgan Group, founded in 2006, is a full-service recruiting firm that assists businesses in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area with sourcing the workforce they need to maximize productivity. The professionals at MJ Morgan Group have decades of experience delivering the most effective solutions to both companies and candidates. Our approach to staffing is adaptive, which means we can easily shift our approach to suit the changing needs of the business world. We understand that every company’s staffing needs are unique, so we offer a wide variety of services to choose from, including but not limited to:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Service Jobs

Why should I work with MJ Morgan Group to find an IT job?

No agency knows the DC, Maryland, and Virginia customer service employment marketplace better than MJ Morgan Group’s specialists!

What happens once I apply for a customer service job online?

Once you identify the customer service positions you’re interested in and qualify for, submit your online application. An MJ Morgan Group recruiter will review your qualifications and determine which of our available customer service jobs fits your skills and desires. When an available job match is identified, we’ll schedule an interview for you with one of our recruiters. After passing our pre-employment screening process, a recruiter will schedule an interview for you with one or more employers.

I applied for a position. Why haven’t I heard back from you?

If you qualify for a customer service position listed on MJ Morgan Group’s website but haven’t heard back from one of our recruiters, please follow up by contacting us online or calling us at 410.698.1149.

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